App Miker.

I've been creating apps independently for years & achieved more than 20 million downloads.
Hi, I'm Mike The App Miker.
I seek to pass along my expertise & knowledge to you.

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Creative Apps

Here is a showcase of some of the successful apps I created independently.
You can watch that funny clip about how I gained experience.

Sand Draw

My first app, which passed 5 million downloads & being used in smart classes around the U.S.

Woman Workout

One of the first apps out there to provide HQ fitness video workouts.

Nomad 10

A fully working social network app made to connect digital nomads around the world.

Nose Pushups

A creative app that was created to challenge the way we do pushups, using 6 virtual trainers.

Run The Music

The first running app to directly connect running speed to your music playback speed.

Humor Match

A dating app that was designed to match people by their type of humor. Stayed in Beta phase.

Best Tips

I like to hand out free useful information - the main purpose of the course is to help you out.
Here I will publish some quick tips from Beyond Coding:

Google Play Store
A/B Testing 2020

Three Great A/B testing Tips
for both App Stores.

Create an app by trend? Should you?

I created Flappy You and got to 400K downloads. Was it worth it?

tip coming out soon..

Beyond Coding for Freelancers?

Yes! Here I will explain how does Beyond Coding empowers Freelancer App Developers